So, my gamers are coming to the end of the initial “arc” in our project. They’ve had a blast up until now, as well as I actually desire the following session leading up to the last manager of this arc to be a blast also. I’ve obtained the last battle rather a lot identified, however the component leading up to it has me stuck. The gamers are basically being compelled right into a video game of types with the manager, the reward is the life of an essential NPC that links right into among the PC’s backstory (it’s her enthusiast, basically). The BBEG (the gamers do not understand this yet) is basically attempting to take control of all the aircraft of presence as well as transform them right into gambling establishments. But rather than wagering with cash, you wager with hearts.

I desire each of the “managers” the gamers deal with to be themed with a kind of casino site or board video game, transformed dangerous, to the type of program that the BBEG is doing. Consider BBEG as the Judi SlotCasino Owner, as well as the managers the gamers deal within the process as Dealers in a Casino. This is where I’m stuck: I do not recognize exactly how I desire this very first video game to function. I was considering doing it with live roulette (although I’m open to various other tips) however I desire the gamers to be PART of the video game, not simply standing at a live roulette table/slot machine/etc.

And I’m not completely certain exactly how to do that. I had the concept of transforming the Roulette board right into a physical area, like a real board video game, yet I’m uncertain just how to make it function. Do I have the gamers roll to advance a particular variety of areas on the “wagering board” and afterward when the live roulette sphere is rolled, they obtain a challenge/encounter/etc based upon what was rolled? I desire the one in charge to be at the “end” of the video game, if that makes good sense whatsoever. If you have any kind of recommendations of just how to develop fatal gaming video games or board video games WITHIN a dnd project, that would certainly be impressive. I’m really feeling stuck, and also I truly wish to drive this house with my gamers so we can have fun.