The technologies of AI & Machine Learning are among the most rapidly progressing technologies at present. Machine Learning, as it name suggests, its presents machines or computer systems with the ability to mimic human intelligence. Machines are now capable to perform tasks on their own without much human interference.

In response to the rapid advancements in the field of Machine Learning, it is rapidly being used across several fields much more than one could expect. In response to the rise in demand for Machine Learning & its relevant technologies, enterprises are now looking towards integrating skilled Machine Learning experts into their workforce. Work towards becoming a skilled expert in this platform by mastering knowledge of all the core skills with the help of advanced Machine Learning Training In Hyderabad program by Analytics Path.

The applications in Machine Learning technology are very innovative & most probably every one of us is using a Machine Learning algorithm as a part of our day-to-day life without even knowing it. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative applications of Machine Learning

Social Media-

Most of the social media platforms are making the most out of the advanced algorithms in Machine Learning & its relevant technologies. The best example for this is the Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestion which we commonly see on Facebook & other social media platforms. This system employs face detection and Image recognition techniques to automatically find the face of the person which matches its database.

Transportation & Commuting-

Most of the popular online cab service providers like Ola & Uber have already started making use of the algorithms in Machine Learning. The applications of these service providers can automatically detect its users’ location & provides them with options to either go home or office or any of their most visited places which are done by analyzing the users’ app history.

Most Commonly Used Applications Of Machine Learning In Our Daily Life

Virtual Personal Assistants-

The functioning of Virtual Personal Assistants which exist in our smartphone devices make use advanced technologies in Machine Learning like

  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text to Speech Conversion

Apart from these, there are several other such innovative applications of Machine Learning technology like Products Recommendations in Ecommerce websites, Self Driving Cars, Dynamic Pricing, Google Translate, Fraud Detection and many more.

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