Stretch marks are caused due to various problems but the basic reason is that these marks are caused when the skin begins to stretch excessively. The body cannot cope with it and cannot balance the production of collagen. There are different reasons for skin to expand and so you should find a solution according to the reason. Millions of people in this world complain about these marks on their body. If you are also one of them, long sleeves and full length pants are not the solution to your problem. There are many ways to get rid of stretch marks. This article will help you know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Before knowing the ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you should know the actual causes for stretch marks during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the skin experiences sudden growth and expansion especially near the abdomen. The skin cells begin to expand and in this way the balance between skin cells production and the production of collagen is disturbed. This leads to the stretching of skin which causes stretch marks.

After delivering the child, pregnant ladies cannot go for laser treatment because it may cause them severe side effects and so different types of creams containing vitamin A are generally prescribed to remove stretch marks in an easier way. However, these creams have certain side effects too. You should not apply these creams when you are breast feeding or while you are pregnant. The cream can be a bit painful and also itchy to the skin. Not all types of skins can accept the cream in a pleasurable way. Hence, you cannot go for any kind treatment after your delivery without any guaranteed safety. If you want to prevent them, prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks home remedies will help you reduce the effects of stretch marks in a safe way. Apply cocoa butter around your abdomen so that stretch marks are not visible enough. You can also scrub your skin with apricot to visibly reduce marks. A homemade lotion of jojoba oil and almond oil will reduce the appearance of stretch marks effectively. It will also make your skin smooth and pleasing to touch. Lavender oil also works well in removing stretch marks. Creams which contain collagen work from within the body and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. These creams balance the cells and collagen production. These ways are completely harmless and makes you skin even softer and glowing. You can try them during pregnancy. You do not have to worry about stretch marks after delivering the child.