It has been demonstrated, the Visa gift card is one of the best-selling products each year by the stores. The turnover of gift cards is estimated at more than 800 million euros. But if the Visa gift card is beneficial to its buyers, the signs are not left behind. Indeed, the Visa gift card has many benefits. Focus on the benefits to integrate it into your marketing strategy. With the Visa gift card Balance you can have the best options available now. It is the perfect solution for you in every possible manner. No wonder that you will be able to have the perfect support right  option right here. You need the best solutions right here now and for that you need to be specific now.

A strategic marketing tool for e-merchants

From the point of view of companies, the Visa gift card has emerged as a formidable lever of marketing strategy. With nearly 800 million euros of turnover per year, it is highly acclaimed by major brands.

Guarantor of their promotion and put forward, the Visa gift card turns heads to large groups. As a result, sales are up and the average French market is up 20%. Holiday periods are even more conducive to buying gift cards. It has been found that 40% of their annual sales are made during Christmas.

Signs have also understood as they play the game by integrating the Visa gift card to their marketing strategy. Between novelties and technological innovations, all means are good to encourage the customer to open his wallet.

Seductress at will, proudly displaying the colors of the brand, gift cards compete to be attractive: innovative packaging, attractive design with bright colors, dematerialized cards. There is something for everyone! The 21st century Visa gift card is personal and customizable. In other words, it becomes unique. Nothing is left to chance: choice of colors, patterns or shape, possibility of inserting a personal text or a photo and even to define an amount.

A powerful acquisition and loyalty lever

Ideally placed next to the crates, the gift cards are eyeing us from the corner of the eye and waiting for the slightest hesitation to push us to impulse buying last minute. And it works as Visa gift card sales soar with average growth rates of 15 to 20%.

28% of the French admit to having bought in a sign of which they had knowledge but which they had never attended before. In addition, after a first purchase with a gift card, 10% of prospects would have become regular customers of the brand. Even better, they would tend to become real ambassadors of the brand, going so far as to recommend it to their entourage and to promote it.

The Best Use Of The Visa Gift Cards

Finally, the Visa gift card allows the brand to generate additional sales. Indeed, it was found that during his checkout, the recipient would be more likely to spend more than the amount recorded on the gift card.The Visa gift card is an essential tool for the promotion and acquisition and loyalty of customers for companies.