Let’s talk about 3 soccer strategies, which allow to make profits even for beginners. Gaining experience in betting, you can adjust each strategy at your convenience.

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Match Outcome Bet

Used by both beginners and experienced players. You need to guess which of 3 outcomes is going to win – the victory of the host, guests or a draw. Experienced players make the same bets with handicap.

Due to underestimation of coefficients (coefs) on the match favorites, many bettors place bets against them at higher coefs and often win.

Bet on the Exact Score in Match

This result is difficult to predict, but there are very high coefficients (from 5 and above). Experienced bettors prefer betting on several results rather than one, for example: 3-0, 3-1, 4-0. It allows them to remain in the black when winning any score of indicated. 

Bet on Outsider who Plays in the Home Field 

Statistics prove that outsider has a 60% chance of winning in his home field. The only thing is that he should not be an explicit outsider with a high coefficient. Teams should be approximately equal. The outsider must play in the base team, no replacements.

Total Bet

The standard total in a soccer match is 2.5. Bets are made on Total more or Total less. For example, a bet on Total more than 2.5 means a total number of goals of 3 or more, and a bet Total less than 2.5 – 2 goals, 1 or zero.

Top Soccer Strategies

Today you can find programs in the net that track every fluctuation of totals until start of the match. An experienced player analyzes such indicators and increases the probability of guessing the total. 

Each of these simple strategies deserves your attention. Use them as basic tools to create your own profitable strategies and win!