Since the pollution is increasing in the contemporary world; it is important to pay attention to your water. The water getting supplied in your space has to be clean. You cannot assume that it is clean. You have to take steps to ensure that the water getting supplied through any source is clean and hygienic.

Presently, there are manifold water purifiers available in the market. All the water purifiers have their own USPs and all these claim to get the best water quality. However, what you have to keep in mind is that all water purifiers are available with diverse technical specifications and have definite basic requirements.Once you know which one is going to work for you, you can make the most of it. Which will work well for you depend on factors such as water quality, water pressure and space available and in case you are hesitant which one you should go for you should do some research or talk to professionals. Whether you end up with Ro UV water purifier or any other option; these can do miracles for you.

Water purification Techniques

There are different types of water purification methods; however, following are some of the most commonly used methods of water purification that have proven its worth for home use.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon filters do work on adsorption techniques. Oncewater passes through carbon filter, activated carbon adsorbs dangerous molecules that are available in water. Activated carbon filter get used as complimentary filter with other water purification methods such as UV purification and RO purification. Of course, it is effective and easy to practice too.

 Reverse Osmosis Purifier:

The RO technology is most of the times get used in home and commercial water purifiers. RO purifiers filter out injurious pollutant through its semi permeable film. RO filtered water might taste flat because reverse osmosis eradicates some necessary minerals from your water. It is absolutely required if TDS level in your water is crossing 500 ppm

 Ultraviolet Purifier

UV purification is the finest option to get rid of bacteria and different kinds of viruses without removing essential minerals that are out there in your drinking water. UV purification is most eco-friendly manner to purify your water because it does not add up any chemical to your water and it does not really waste your water Also, UV technology is certainly a popular choice for industrial water purifier.

What really is TDS?

The full form of TDS is Total Dissolved Solids that are present in your water. TDS is made up of inorganic salts & tiny amounts of organic substances that are melted in water. Safe levels of TDS are like: for human body is below 500 PPM. Usually,groundwater (water from the bore wells, tube wells) possesses high TDS different from surface waters (water from lakes, rivers reservoirs, ponds).


So, once you are sure about the water purifiers you are using, you can make sure that the water supply in your space is safe and clean.