Garages can be brilliant, multi-functional spaces. Whether you opt to use yours as a workspace, a chill-out zone or simply as a storage space, there are many benefits to keeping your garage well maintained and in tip-top condition.

One of the key things that you should consider is installing insulation in your garage. Not only will this keep it at a more livable temperature in the colder months, but it will also have some structural benefits too. Here are five reasons why you should insulate your garage.


According to the Energy Saving Trust solid walls let out twice the amount of heat as cavity walls, therefore installing insulation in your garage will vastly reduce the heat loss during the winter. If your garage is somewhere you spend time working or relaxing then the extra warmth will make it much more pleasant to be in.

Reduce energy bills

If your garage is attached to your house and isn’t well insulated, the cold will radiate into the house. Insulating the garage will indirectly make your home warmer, thus cutting down on your energy bills and making all adjoining rooms much warmer.

Pipes and belongings

Extremely cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst which can be costly to repair and risk damaging any items stored in the garage. Whether it’s your brand new garage workbench, tools, lawnmower or food items, you don’t want them drowning from a burst pipe that could have been avoided. So while your getting your garage insulated why not add extra safety for these items like Longspan Shelving to keep them high up in the air away from the water. These can be sourced from different sites but one option available is

Why it will benefit to insulate your garage

Noise reduction

Insulation will also reduce noise – particularly useful if you use loud machinery or have your teenager’s band practising in there. It is considerate to your neighbours and will also reduce the noise heard in your own home.

Garage door

There’s no point insulating the walls of your garage if you have an old-fashioned garage door that will simply let the heat out that way. Investing in a good quality, modern garage door means that it will usually come with some sort of insulating properties as well as being secure and durable. It makes no financial sense to spend money insulating the walls if the benefits will be lost elsewhere. So factor in the cost of a new door alongside the insulation during your garage renovation if your door is old and thermally ineffective.